Artifacts by CT or MRI? New solutions for craniotomy

The Cranial LOOP family of cranial fixation devices are a smart system for securely fixing bone flaps resulting from craniotomies.

A fast and easy ‘Pull and tighten’ action allows the surgeon to control and feel the fixation. A standard bone flap with three Cranial LOOP devices can be fixed in less than a minute.




The different members of the Cranial LOOP family produce equivalent fixation strengths to those of other standard metallic NON-instrument-free fixation devices.   


●     HIGH STRENGTH & SAFETY: Double locking mechanism

●     INSTRUMENT-FREE: Fast & Easy implantation


●     MINIMAL PROFILE: Guaranteed by 3D adaptation









Artifacts due to titanium device








Cranial LOOP: artifact-free Image

General information

●    Supplied ready to use: sterile, no instrument tray needed.

●    Artifact-free in X-Ray, CT scan and MRI.

●    Reduced risk of soft tissue damage due to the smart design and less aggressive material: PEEK-OPTIMA®.

●    Can be used for bone thicknesses between 1.5 and 24 mm.

●    Optimal for radiotherapy (less than 1% attenuation).

●    Easy to remove using standard Neurosurgery forceps or rongeurs.

●    PEEK-OPTIMA® polymer is certified for implantation under ISO 10993 standards and US FDA Drug & DMF.

●    CE-mark and FDA clearance.

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