How important is covering burr holes?

According to clinical studies, covering burr holes is an important issue for patients. Skull defects from burr hole trephinations often result in undesirable scalp depressions. This undesirable cosmetic defect is often unacceptable to the patient from a cosmetic perspective. Moreover, the scalp depression aggravates over time with the resolution of wound swelling in the early stage and the atrophy of soft tissue in the late stage, and it can cause a cosmetic complex and functional handicaps to the patients especially during hairdressing or combing.


MORE THAN 70% of patients have cosmetic inferiority complexes

AROUND 60% experienced functional handicaps during daily life activities


Cranial COVER™ is a postoperative cranial burr hole cover system made of PEEK-OPTIMA. Its function is to completely cover the burr hole, avoiding postoperative skin concavities and offering optimal cosmesis and protection.


 Cranial COVER™ has been designed to be used in stand alone cranial burr holes or in combination with cranial fixation systems in a craniotomy (Cranial LOOP or other systems).


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